Favorite Sounds

Ben Joravsky Interviews by Dave Glowacz: 2007

12/27/07 “Staff Cuts at the Chicago ReaderClick here to listen • Description: Tho he's written no article about the Reader's layoff of his fellow staff writers, here Ben reveals how the layoffs have affected him, what the writers brought to the Reader, and what he sees in the paper's future. Length 6.8 minutes.

12/13/07 “Freshman Follies”Click here to listen • Read the articleDescription: Why persons challenging Cook County incumbents often don't make it to the ballot; Ben's idea for open elections; and, which would you rather have decide the quality of your government—football or elections? Length 9.3 minutes.

11/29/07 “The Madigan Effect”Click here to listen • Read the articleDescription: Demystifying the process for appealing property-tax assessments; Ben's plan for a fairer taxing scheme; and how champions of downtown talk on both sides of their mouths. Length 8.8 minutes.

11/22/07 “The True TIF Tally”Click here to listen • Read the articleDescription: Learn how to discover exactly how much of one's taxes get siphoned off to Tax Increment Financing districts; Ben and Dave create an audio roadmap. Length 9.9 minutes.

11/1/07 “TIFs for Dummies”Click here to listen • Read the articleDescription: How Tax Increment Financing districts get gerrymandered; the dark underbelly of the public process; and public officials' off-the-record feelings about TIF. Length 9.8 minutes.