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Sounds of Bicycling

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Ask Mr Bike • The Chicago Reader’s Ben Joravsky interviews bicycling author Mr Bike about a variety of subjects.
  • “When Should You Stop?”Click here to listen. • Description: Priorities at a controlled intersection; how to treat stop signs; and, must you stop in the rain? Length 6.5 minutes.
  • “How to Handle Motorists in Bike Lanes?”Click here to listen. • Description: Whether delivery vehicles belong in bike lanes; the wisdom of just stopping when blocked; and Ben's transportation schizophrenia. Length 9 minutes.

“Climate Change Report Card”Description: 11/7/07 presentation by staff of the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, Friends of the Parks, and Chicago Dept. of Environment. Part of the Creative Living in the City Lecture Series.

• Introduction (5.6 minutes) • Part 3 (5.8 minutes)
• Part 1 (9.2 minutes) • Q&A 1 (7.6 minutes)
• Part 2 (9.2 minutes) • Q&A 2 (5.5 minutes)

“2007 World Naked Bike Ride”Click here to listen. • Description: 6/9/07 interview with Mr Bike on the World Naked Bike Ride by Anne Cadigan. Length 2.7 minutes.