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“Where Is the Community Organizer We Elected?” • For a sound bite click hereDescription: 11/19/09 Democracy Now interview with journalist Robert Scheer, who comments on the policies of the Obama administration in light of two facts: latest Wall Street profits exceed the record set three years ago, and far more people in the U.S. go hungry than previously thought. • For the full interview (15 minutes) click here

“What Next? The Elections, the Economy, and the World” • For a sound bite click hereDescription: 11/19/08 speech at Arlington Street Church (Boston) in which MIT professor of linguistics Noam Chomsky, whom some call “the conscience of the nation,” analyzes what Barack Obama's election and subsequent appointments—including that of Rahm Emanuel—mean for the populace. Organized by Encuentro 5. • For the full speech (23 minutes) click here

“The Factory in the Living Room: How Television Exploits Its Audiences” • For a sound bite click hereDescription: 3/8/07 speech that Univ. of Mass. (Amherst) professor of media and cultural studies Sut Jhally gave at his campus on the relationship between TV, advertisers, and consumers. • For Jhally's entire speech (56 minutes) click here

“What can the average person do?” • For a sound bite click hereDescription: 3/4/06 speech at Binghamton (NY) University in which Noam Chomsky speaks of citizen movements. • For a bigger bite (9 minutes) click here • For Chomsky's entire speech click here