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Subscribing to Dave Glowacz’s Podcasts

If you want to listen to a particular audio piece on this site, you can simply click on the "to listen" link for that piece—and it will download to your computer.

But you can have audio pieces downloaded automatically to your computer, iPod, or similar device and listen whenever you want—without going to this Web site. You do this by subscribing to a podcast.

Say you subscribe to the podcasts for Dave Glowacz's Sounds of Spending & Accountability. What happens after you subscribe:

  • Each time Dave puts a new interview on this Web site, his site automatically issues a notice that a new interview has appeared.
  • Your computer or other device checks for new notice. If it finds one, it downloads the latest interview.
  • You listen to the interview whenever you want.

How you subscribe:

  • Onto your computer or other device, install software called a "podcatcher" or "subscription client." A list of such software appears on the right.
  • For all podcatchers except iTunes: Enter this URL into your podcatcher's "Add new feed" text box: http://feeds.feedburner.com/mrradio-account
  • For iTunes: From the Advanced menu, choose "Subscribe to Podcast," then enter this URL into the text box: http://feeds.feedburner.com/mrradio-account
    [then click OK]
  • If you already have a podcatcher or Firefox installed, that software might walk you thru the subscription process after you click on "To subscribe using our feed."

If you have trouble subscribing, please contact Dave Glowacz.

Podcatching Software

Each of these programs let you download podcasts onto your computer or other device. You can set them up to check for new podcasts and download them automatically.


FeedDemon (Windows)

NetNewsWire (Macintosh)